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The GOODHOOD Immersions are designed to decrease the distance between people and places.  Many of the problems facing our city are caused by a failure to see one another clearly. During the Immersions, you will get the opportunity to spend time with new people, in a new place and get a new perspective on the Eastside of San Antonio. After the half-day of walking, talking and eating, you will not only be able to see people and places differently, but be able to decrease the distance that divides us.  If you are interested in attending an Immersion, please register for one of the scheduled Immersions below or email for details on scheduling for small groups and future Immersions.

The Rec Rental Pricing:

Monday - Thursday  4pm-10pm    $150

Monday - Thursday            8am-10pm    $300

Friday - Saturday                3pm-11pm     $250

Friday - Saturday                8am-11pm      $500

Sunday                                  3pm-10pm    $200

Sunday                                  8am-10pm     $400


Wood Folding Chair - Mahogany with Black Pad (up to 100)         $2 each

60” Round Tables (up to 10)                                                                   $5 each

Audio/Visual System – TVs, Speakers and Microphones                  $100

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