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THE GOODHOOD was born from a desire to live, love and lead like Jesus. With little more than the name SA Heals, Charlie and Jen Foltz just moved from the richest zip code in our city to the poorest and tried to let God lead since they didn't really know where to go or what to do.  Sometimes they got things right, but most of the time they got them wrong. But slowly, they began to learn that although they left careers and all the ‘perks’ of middle class life, Charlie and Jen realized they actually moved from the poorest zip code in the city to the richest.  It didn't happen overnight, but somehow they became a part of a family and found that the greatest joy in life is not what you can do for someone, but what you can do with someone.


THE GOODHOOD is an ideal more than an organization with a perfect blend of the highs and the lows, the organic and the organized and the known and the unknown.  THE GOODHOOD is a place where we focus more on who we must become than what we must do, where we desire to be faithful over being successful and where we know the race is a marathon, not a sprint,  THE GOODHOOD is a space where we dare to dream in the midst of nightmares, where we discover beauty in the brokenness, and where we sit in the middle of the mess, not on the sidelines where it's safe.  THE GOODHOOD is Sandy Ortiz, Sarah Sancho and Lamont Foltz.  THE GOODHOOD is Kenny Mac, Ben Brooks and Michael Brown.  THE GOODHOOD is Ashton, Ray, Jaiden and Kirsten. THE GOODHOOD is Jackie, Adriana, Leerae and Hallie.  THE GOODHOOD is here to Love Louder.


THE GOODHOOD is a non-profit seeking to fight poverty by creating opportunity on San Antonio's Eastside and we are a ministry of presence, rooted in relationships, seeking to build a beloved community. THE GOODHOOD's heart comes from the poem written by Tupac called The Rose that Grew from Concrete. The poem ends with the line: Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else ever cared.  We always want people to know someone cares and we are here to help them dream and grow into the roses God created them to be. Our vision is to see God restore and redeem our neighborhood on San Antonio's Eastside and to inspire others to do the same in neighborhoods across the city forming a family of people wanting and needing to Love Louder. 

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